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Atlantic Jarrah (Massandurbah) Decking


Also known as Massandurbah, Atlantic Jarrah is a rich, reddish timber from Brazil that is suitable for both domestic and commercial decking.  This species was recently recommended by No Nail Decking for a large commercial outdoor bistro that required a hard wearing deck to cater for long term wear and tear.  Another favourable characteristic of this imported timber for decking is that it boasts a uniquely smooth finish as opposed to looking porous like other timbers.

Over time, Atlantic Jarrah will undergo a medium degree of colour change, muting to a medium to dark burgundy-red.  For a richness and consistency in colour for a decking project, this type of timber certainly ticks all the right boxes for a flawless finish.  Atlantic Jarrah is also used for the structure of bridges, wharves and building ships due to its high resistance to water and dampness.  From an environmental standpoint, Jarrah is fire-rated and carries FSC certification, which makes it a very smart option.

As with most things coming out of Brazil, Massandurbah is certainly exotic and attractive to the eye, ensuring that this is one choice in timber decking that is in constant high demand at No Nail Decking!  Take a look at these sample boards below and it’s not hard to see why…

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