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  • Merbau Decking

    Merbau Decking

    Feb 08. 2013 — Comments Off on Merbau Decking

    Merbau decking is like the rock star of timber decking with its good looks, longevity and loyal fan base.  Although No Nail Decking supply more than 10 other varieties of timber, Merbau continues to be the biggest selle…

  • Iron Bark Decking

    Iron Bark Decking

    Dec 18. 2012 — Comments Off on Iron Bark Decking

    With a rating of 15 on the Janka Hardness Scale, Iron Bark is a high density timber, renowned for its excellent strength and durability.  For a long-term solution for outdoor decking, Iron Bark is amongst the best in th…

  • Decking Design and Cross-ventilation

    Decking Design and Cross-ventilation

    Nov 27. 2012 — Comments Off on Decking Design and Cross-ventilation

    The weekend has arrived and you’re all set to build your new deck.  However, a tradie friend did mention to you about “cross-ventilation” and you’re wondering if it’s really that important?  In one word, “Y…

  • Cumaru Decking

    Cumaru Decking

    Oct 11. 2012 — Comments Off on Cumaru Decking

    When you step onto a deck made of Cumaru, you’ll be presented with a rich display of striking colours varying from medium tan, to a red or even purple brown.  A Brazilian timber, Cumaru is favoured as an “all-rounder…