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Building a Nail-Free Deck – Easter DIY Project


With Easter only a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking and preparing for your DIY projects over the extra-long weekend.   Building a new deck is often high on the agenda over the Easter period as the weather is usually still balmy and dry – perfect conditions for building a deck!

Whether you are an experienced tradie or a first-time DIYer, building with a new system can be daunting.   One of the most commonly asked questions we have here at No Nail Decking is regarding the installation process of Nail-Free Decking and if the product is really DIY-friendly and simple.  We can assure you that this is a simple system for building a deck that not only looks elegant and contemporary; but is also a safe alternative to traditional exposed nail decks.   Nail-free decking is also child-safe and low-maintenance, which meets the needs of both families and busy people.

One of the biggest considerations to take into account when building a nail-free deck or nailed deck is that you must cut and measure properly and ensure that the boards are kept parallel in the laying process.  With the nail-free system, the clip actually sets the 4mm gap for you, so there’s no need to use a spacer to set any gaps between boards.

For the installation process on how to build a nail-free deck in four easy-to-follow steps, simply click here.

To prepare for a standard 6×4 deck* build; below is a step-by-step list courtesy of builder, Larry Turnley:

  • Set out the deck size, checking that it is square and parallel – approx 1 hour
  • Mark your stumps or stirrups and dig your holes (minimum depth 400-500mm) – 2 hours
  • Cut bearers to size and put them in level to height required and then cut and install the floor joist over the top of the bearers.  Once everything is level, attach your stirrups and stumps and pour the concrete into your holes.  Attach any brackets or joist bearers if needed – 4-6 hours
  • The next day, put your border decking boards in first and then you are ready to start laying your decking boards, which should take about a day (for two people).
  • Click here for the nail-free decking installation process.


*Please note that this is based on two people building the deck and is a guide only.

Good luck if this is an Easter 2013 DIY project or something that you are considering for the future!  For any building questions regarding the nail-free deck system, please feel free to contact the No Nail Decking team on 1300 733 559.

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