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Cumaru Decking


When you step onto a deck made of Cumaru, you’ll be presented with a rich display of striking colours varying from medium tan, to a red or even purple brown.  A Brazilian timber, Cumaru is favoured as an “all-rounder” due to its strength, durability and beauty.  In fact, it’s mostly featured in upscale projects around the world including five-star hotels, luxury estates and high-end commercial properties.

However, Cumaru is definitely not reserved just for the wealthy.  It’s actually very affordable and fast becoming one of the most popular choices of timber supplied by No Nail Decking.  You can count on Cumaru for decking as this exotic hardwood naturally resists rot, decay and termite attacks and it doesn’t bleed, so it is safe around rendered walls, sandstone and bluestone paving.  Yet another Cumaru feature is that it is extremely fire resistant, which is an important factor for the rural areas of Australia.

With a superior strength rating of 16 on the janka density scale, consider Cumaru for your backyard deck or privacy screen.  It’s a smart, reliable choice for timber decking and it looks really, really good!

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