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How does No Nail Decking work?

The no nail decking system is available in three sizes (140mm, 90mm and 70mm) and works by joining pre-grooved boards together, much like tongue and groove floorboards. This is achieved by tapping the decking grip into the groove and fastening it to the joist with a stainless steel screw. This automatically sets a 4mm spacing between decking panels and a nail free, natural timber finish results. For our cohesive four step installation process, simply click here.

Does rainwater sit in the grooves and rot the boards?

Under normal circumstances and with sufficient airflow, the answer is no. The reason for this is that the groove is 4mm wide, which allows wind and air to evaporate and disperse the rainwater quickly – not allowing it to sit and rot.

Does the decking cup?

Maintain your decking boards by using the No Nail Decking system in conjunction with Fullers Floor Bond XMS, which allows timber to move with the seasons and therefore, reducing the possibility of cupping and warping. Another preventative measure to take against cupping is to coat all four sides with two coats of protective oil before laying the decking to help reduce movement.

How often should my deck be re-oiled?

We recommend every six to twelve months and we have a range of Intergrain products to choose from in our Showroom.  For more details, refer to our blog by clicking here

What are No Nail Decking grips made from?

The grips are a UV stabilised, high quality Nylon 6 engineered product.

Where do No Nail Decking deliver?

We happily deliver to both metro and regional areas as well as interstate. Simply call us on 1300 733 559 for a comprehensive quote.