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Iron Bark Decking


With a rating of 15 on the Janka Hardness Scale, Iron Bark is a high density timber, renowned for its excellent strength and durability.  For a long-term solution for outdoor decking, Iron Bark is amongst the best in the business.  Iron Bark is a combination of both red and grey Iron Bark and this equates to a very handsome timber, which boasts an array of rich colours.

Iron Bark is commonly sourced for engineered structures such as railway sleepers and also, for building construction materials including poles, framing and decking. No Nail Decking supplies Iron Bark posts in 100×100, 150×150 and 200×200 sizes as well as any dressed size i.e. 150×50.

Fire-resistant and incredibly hard-wearing, the texture of Iron Bark is moderately coarse and even with an interlocking grain.  Whether your project is commercial or domestic, No Nail Decking are more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have regarding the use of Iron Bark decking and posts.  Simply call No Nail Decking on 1300 733 559.

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