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Letting Your Deck Go Grey


Creating a weathered, rustic look to your deck is not as simple as leaving it untreated and open to the elements.  At No Nail Decking, a common question is “how can I let my deck go grey?” and the process is fortunately quite simple!  To protect a new deck from the harsh UV rays of the sun, rain and virtually everything else that could cause potential harm, we recommend a lanolin-based decking oil.  Applying a coat of this type of decking oil shortly after your timber decking has been laid will provide strong protection and allow your deck to go grey without the weather causing any long-term wear and tear.  Your deck may require additional coatings of oil within the initial 12 months, depending on what timber has been used and it’s absorption levels.

A good quality lanolin-based decking oil works by absorbing into the timber and sealing from both the inside and the outside, which prevents wood rot and fungal damage.  The natural colouring of the deck will still remain and allow your deck to grey gradually over time without issues such as cupping, checking and splitting on the ends.  You will be able to enjoy your grey-colouring deck for many years to come without any of the headaches associated with untreated timber!

For the Decking Oil brands that we recommend for letting your deck go grey, give No Nail Decking a call on 1300 733 559.

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