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Merbau Decking


Merbau decking is like the rock star of timber decking with its good looks, longevity and loyal fan base.  Although No Nail Decking supply more than 10 other varieties of timber, Merbau continues to be the biggest seller, by far!  People like stability and Merbau makes for an extremely stable decking board, which also equates to less maintenance.

The striking colours of Merbau range from yellowish to brown or orange to dark red, ensuring it is a popular choice for stylish outdoor decking areas.  It may also have yellow flecking in the pores, which will give a gold flecked effect in the light.  Imported from Indonesia, the grain of this timber varies from straight, to interlocked and wavy.  Merbau does not shrink, crack or check due to its close, tight grain.

Merbau is undeniably an attractive timber.  What you should also take into account when choosing your timber type for decking or screening is durability.  Merbau is a strong timber and will last for years as it is also naturally weather and termite-resistant.  Take a look at the clever use of Merbau for this al fresco area showcasing a lily pond water feature below.

For more details on Merbau decking, please contact the team on 1300 733 559 or check out our specials page, which regularly features savings on 90mm x 19mm and 140mm x 19mm Merbau decking.


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