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New Merbau Products for April 2014


This is something we’ve been eagerly anticipating for some time and it’s finally happened… Merbau has expanded.  Into other sizes, that is! From 190mm x 19mm extra wide decking boards to Finger Jointed Merbau in Set Lengths of 5700, this universally loved timber species really is a deck builder’s best friend.  Check out the complete list of NEW and existing Merbau timber products that are available at No Nail Decking:

 Merbau Timber Screening

  • Merbau Decking

–          190mm x 19mm in random lengths

–          140mm x 19mm in random and set lengths

–          90mm x 19mm in random and set lengths

–          70mm x 19mm in random and set lengths


  • Merbau Screening

–          70mm x 19mm

–          70mm x 10mm


  • Merbau Finger Jointed in Set Lengths of 5700 (pictured above)

–          140mm x 19mm

–          90mm x 19mm

–          70mm x 19mm

–          42mm x 19mm


  • Merbau Feature Grade

–          90mm x 19mm

–          70mm x 19mm


  • Merbau Commercial Decking

–          190mm x 32mm

–          140mm x 25mm


  • Merbau Beams Solid and Laminated

–          240mm x 42mm

–          190mm x 42mm

–          140mm x 42mm

–          90mm x 42mm

–          70mm x 42mm

–          42mm x 42mm


  • Merbau Posts Laminated

–          190mm x 190mm

–          140mm x 140mm

–          115mm x 115mm

–          90mm x 90mm


  • Merbau Handrail

–          90mm x 42mm


  • Merbau Flooring

–          85mm x 19mm


  • Merbau Shiplap Cladding

–          135mm x 19mm


  • Merbau Kwik-Step

–          Available in one tread up to 17 treads.


For details on how to properly care for Merbau from delivery through to installation, simply click here.

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