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An easy four step process

No Nail Decking is an extremely user friendly product and acts as the perfect solution for the DIY home renovator. Our cohesive four step installation process is easy to follow and will have you enjoying your new deck in no time.

Step 1
Apply Fullers XMS Adhesive to each joist using a zigzag pattern. Using the screws provided for each board, pre-drill the outside edge of the first board.

Step 2
Insert the deck grip into the pre-grooved board on every joist. Install screws into each deck grip and fix into position. Do not over tighten screws during this step.

Step 3
Repeat zigzag application of Fuller XMS Adhesive to the next board and place so it slides into the deck grip. Repeat Step 2.

Step 4
Repeat the above process until all boards are fixed into position, finishing the last board in the same process as used in Step 1.


It is highly recommended that all four sides and grooves be prepared with at least one coat of decking oil prior to securing. This will help seal your new deck and protect it from condensation. It will also ensure a more balanced intake of atmospheric moisture, minimising the chances of movement.