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Tried, Tested and User Friendly

No Nail Decking is a proven system that has been in the marketplace for close to 10 years and is seen as a leader in this field. The product has resulted in many satisfied customers who have all expressed their amazement with regard to its durability, and capacity to withstand Australia’s harsh climatic conditions. With its professional finish, No Nail Decking features an easy to install DIY system, perfect for the home renovator. The system is delivered fully prepared and ready to lay.

Our no nail decking system comes complete with:

  • Pre-grooved boards
  • Nylon deck grips that will not degrade in long term ultraviolet exposure
  • Stainless steel screws for use with treated pine joists
  • Galvanised screws for use with steel joists
  • High Quality, XMS Adhesive glue that will remain flexible when cured allowing it to expand and retract naturally with the timber during severe weather conditions