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Silvertop Ash Decking – The new chip on the block


Introducing a new addition to the growing range of timbers supplied by No Nail Decking;  Silvertop Ash.   A pretty timber due to its pale brown, sometimes pinkish colouring, Silvertop Ash is used in construction, flooring, decking and wood chipping.  That’s right, it also happens to be one of the most popular choices for creating wood chips at Eden for export for the purpose of writing paper production.

Silvertop Ash can be found growing in the southern and central coasts of New South Wales, eastern Victoria and north eastern Tasmania.  With a Janka hardness rating of 9, this makes it comparable to the hardness of Merbau and it is generally regarded as an easy timber to work with, which is a big bonus!  Silvertop Ash is perfect for building in bushfire-prone areas as it is a fire-resistant timber and from a pricing point, Silvertop Ash is an inexpensive choice in comparison to other Australian hardwoods.

It’s a beauty… take a look at some Silvertop Ash boards below.

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