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Spotlight on Spotted Gum Decking – 5 Things You Need to Know


Spotted Gum is a winning choice in timber decking.  It certainly ticks all the boxes for strength, durability and attractiveness, but here are 5 more things you may not have known about Spotted Gum:

  • An Australian hardwood, Spotted Gum is available in a variety of colours including browns and greens, which often feature blonde and red streaks.  Lighter shades of Spotted Gum timber are commonly found in North Queensland, whereas darker versions are native to coastal NSW.
  • When it comes to choosing size, take your pick!  Spotted Gum comes in a few different sizes and thicknesses for timber decking;  86x19mm, 136x19mm, 136x32mm and 140x25mm.
  • Spotted Gum is available in both Feature Grade and Standard and Better Grade.  The difference between the two is that “Feature Grade” refers to the gum vein and knots characterised in the timber and is generally shorter in length, while “Standard and Better Grade” is a clear grain and longer in random lengths.
  • With a high Janka rating of 11, Spotted Gum is a tough, fire-rated wood and very popular in rural areas.
  • Although this timber is extremely popular for decking, Spotted Gum is a high-maintenance board and the most reactive board in the No Nail Decking range (for example, it can shrink and swell under different conditions).  For this reason, we recommend that you coat all four sides of the board prior to installation.

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