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The Beauty of Mahogany


It may come as no surprise that the beauty and durability of Mahogany makes it one of the most popular choices for timber decking.  Plus, it is the second most stable decking behind Merbau, which means that it requires very little maintenance.  Mahogany has been renowned for centuries for its resistance to rotting and, in turn, the perfect timber for boat construction.  Furniture is another common use for Mahogany, but did you also know that it is also often used for musical instruments including acoustic guitars and drum shells?

Sourced from genuine Fijian timber plantations, this exotic wood has an interlocked and straight grain and, is relatively free of voids and pockets.  In relation to timber decking, Mahogany is easy to work with and doesn’t require pre-drilling.   Nail-free decking is our specialty at No Nail Decking and a great option for a Mahogany decking, when your goal is to create and an elegant, contemporary and eye-catching outdoor deck.

It’s also a lighter, sunnier colour than most other decking timbers and looks especially spectacular on a summer’s day!   Take a look at our website gallery for some inspirational Mahogany decks by clicking here and marvel at this stunning deck, courtesy of Mahogany decking from Turnley Timbers and the clever workmanship of one of our talented customers…

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