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Spotted Gum has become a very popular board for decking at No Nail Decking and deservedly so.  This Australian hardwood boasts a study hardness of 11 on the Janka rating scale and is fire-rated, making it ideal for rural and bushfire-prone areas.  Spotted Gum is often favoured for its characteristic appearance, which can vary anywhere from pale to chocolate or dark brown and commonly features blonde or red streaks.

Spotted Gum No Nail Decking in Angelsea Image 5It’s a dinky di Aussie timber.  Plus, it’s convenient because Spotted Gum is available in so many sizes at No Nail Decking


136 x 32mm

140 x 25mm

130 x 25mm

140 x 22mm

136 x 19mm

120 x 19mm

86 x 19mm

65 x 19mm



90 x 90mm

100 x 100mm

150 x 150mm

200 x 200mm

250 x 250mm



42 x 42mm

70 x 42mm

90 x 42mm

140 x 42mm

190 x 42mm

240 x 42mm


Spotted Gum Shiplap Cladding

135 x 19mm

85 x 19mm



QLD Spotted Gum – 130 x 19mm | 80 x 19mm (Select and Standard)

NSW Spotted Gum – 130 x 19mm | 80 x 19mm (Select and Standard)

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