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Timber Screening


Designing an outdoor entertaining area may be an exciting process OR a daunting process – depending on how you look at it.  One aspect of the planning that should be high on your list is ‘functionality.’  The beauty of including timber screening in your al fresco area is that it serves multiple purposes.

Timber screening provides privacy for your backyard as well as sheltering family and friends from the sun on a hot summer’s day.  Plus, there are the other elements to consider such as the wind and rain, which can also be kept at bay, to a certain degree.  Naturally, there is also the bonus that timber screenings provide a decorative element to any al fresco area and you can choose between vertical or horizontal styles to complement the existing landscape or new design!

Merbau Timber Screening with water feature

 A range of timber screening is available at No Nail Decking as listed below:

Merbau screening – 86mm x 14mm, 65mm x14mm, 70mm x 19mm, 42mm x 19mm, 68mm x11mm, 80mm x 10mm.

Australian Jarrah – 65 x19mm, 42mm x 19mm.

Taun – 70mm x 19mm

Finger Jointed Merbau – 70mm x19mm

Feature Grade Merbau – 70mm x 19mm

Have a question for No Nail Decking?  Contact us on 1300 733 559.  Check out the new upright angled timber screening that is a recent addition to the exterior of our Brooklyn showroom…

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