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Top 10 Tradie Tips for Decking


With over 25 years’ experience in the building industry, No Nail Decking has a wealth of knowledge, particularly in the field of building decks.  Here are the top ten tips for tradies and DIYers

1. We recommend that decking boards get oiled immediately as all our boards are kiln-dried timber.
2. All deck designs must include sub-floor ventilation to prevent moisture build up, which promotes the swelling of timber and sub-floor.
3. If installing decking around spas or pools, we recommend a waterproof membrane coating applied to the joist and bearers before laying the deck boards.
4. When building a sub-floor, set out your stump or stirrup holes and dig them first. Then, build your sub-floor, prop it level and pour your concrete into the stump holes at the end of the day. This allows you to lay your boards immediately the following day.
5. Start laying your deck boards with a full board at the front, then work your way back towards the house.  If the last board needs to be ripped down so that the width is smaller to make it fit against the house, you will notice it less against the house, than you would have if it was at the front of the deck.
6. When ordering your decking timber, make sure you allow 10% for wastage for joist spacing of 450mm.
7. If you’re after a ‘rustic’ look for your new deck, Silvertop Ash is a great choice because it features borer black spots and marks, plus gum vein which creates a weathered look against its pale brown colouring.
8. With the popularity of pizza ovens in outdoor entertaining areas, you need to be aware of some other factors when building your deck to support the extra weight of a pizza oven.  For instance, you might need to put an extra bearer or stump in or double up your joists.  This also applies for above-ground spas.
9. When calculating triangles in your deck, firstly work it out as a full square and then halve it and add 15% wastage for your angled cuts.
10. To choose your sub-floor frame i.e. between a box frame and a standard bearer and joist frame, it comes down to identifying the amount of height you have between the ground and your finished deck height.  Also, this height dictates what size joist you can use.

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